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IPROCHIM has available specialized personnel that offers complex design services and for other engineering fields than those chemical and petrochemical traditional ones.

Iprochim rents office space in the BUCHAREST headquarters Ms.Eminescu Str. 19-21 (details in ANNOUNCES section)

Iprochim rents office space and terrain in the BUCHAREST headquarter Calea Plevnei Str. 137 (details in ANNOUNCES section)

Iprochim requests roof repair works at BUCHAREST headquarter in Calea Plevnei no.137 (details in ANNOUNCES section)

Iprocim requests for consolidation and roof repairs at IASI headquarter in Str.Costache Negri nr.49 (details in ANNOUNCEMENTS section)

Iprochim requests for Roof Repair Works at SIBIU headquarter in Str. Ion Ratiu Nr.4 (details in ANNOUNCEMENTS section)